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Welcome to the Virus Popper Reopened Press Kit


Here is everything you need to know about Virus Popper. You can download content (screenshots, trailer) to use in any press coverage, and you can read all about the game. Feel free to copy-and-paste anything from here if it helps you to review, discuss, or offhandedly mention our game to the world.


If you have reached this page without being given a preview copy of the game, scroll down the page and get access to a preview copy right away from Steam


Of course, if you would like any more information about the game or its developer, get in touch via the contact details at


Thank you for taking a few moments to consider Virus Popper.

We decided to do our first VR for Good project. We developed a VR game that incorporates important messages about personal hygiene and safety in a fun and friendly way. We are giving it away for FREE, so download it from every major VR store on April 9th.



  • Genre: Rail VR

  • Age: Everyone

  • Lead Developer: Alexander Clark

  • Publisher: Starcade Arcade

  • Price: FREE

  • Release date and platforms: 20th Dec, 2021 (Oculus, Steam, & Viveport)

Things to highlight:

  • Virus Popper is a fast-paced educational rail game about personal hygiene. We wanted to make a fun and friendly way to share important messages without adding to the fear and panic in the world right now. Players use weapons to pop different viruses and clear as many waves as possible before taking too many hits.

  • Players can choose to vaccinate/wear a mask or not. If the player does not, they are more likely to lose.

  • Loads of new weapons that you can customize to make it uniquely yours ( fun weapons include Jazzeroid Launcher, Vac Bat, Vaxcalibur, Slurp Sucker, & more!

  • 8 New unique viruses with each having their own ability to fight against

  • Enjoy 7 unique and vibrant maps, each with its own musical score

  • Price: FREE,  Popper Pass $2.99USD (Popper Pass includes 3 weapon skins, 5 exciting weapons, special mask patterns, and 2 extra maps) 

  • Release Date and Platforms: Dec 17th, 2021 (Steam, App lab for Quest & Oculus Store for Rift)

  • Works with bHaptics suits and LIV mixed reality


Short Description

Play the cleanest game in VR... Wash your hands & pop the virus!


Virus Poppers is a fast-paced educational game about personal hygiene. We wanted to make a fun and friendly way to share important messages without adding to the fear and panic in the world right now. 


Long Description:

Greetings Space Traveler, we need you to save the universe again! New virus variants threaten our galaxy. Level up with a new arsenal of weapons to combat these variants. We are equipping you with funky fun weapons like the Vaxcaliber, Vac Bat, and Jazzeroid Rocket Launcher. Explore new worlds and enjoy some newly mastered bangers by DJ Inkers while battling for the survival of the universe. For your protection, we are also giving you the option to vaccinate and wear a mask, but both are your choice! It is up to you to save the party people! Virus Popper Reopened is FREE and Includes: ● 4 New Maps! ● Over 15 funky weapons! ● 8 Types of Viruses! ● Progression Unlocks ● Original Virus Popper game mode

Screenshots & Videos:


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Viveport -


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